Experimental Section of Medicinal Plants                      Panoramic photo

The experimental section of medicinal plants was established  by royal decree No.953/1928 as an experimental station for medicinal plants. This decree established an Institutional society together with the Ministry of National Economy and the Provincial Board of Economy of Naples (which later became the Chamber of Commerce), the University and both the Regional and Local Councils. Their scope was to carry out studies and experiments on the cultivation of medicinal plants to intensify their production and to promote their use both nationally and in the colonies.


Rosa canina

During the years immediately after the second world war the minister for Agriculture and Forestry became the principal subsidizer of the experimental station  and consequently this period was characterizd by a reasonable increase in scientific activity. Towards the end of  the 1950’s, because of financial difficulties caused by the progressional reduction of funding by the Managing Board the Experimental Station suffered a slow decline up until the 1970’s when it ceased to exist as such and was subsequently integrated into the Botanical Garden. Following this the abbandoned areas were recovered  for cultivation, new species were introduced and plants that were previously distributed in different  areas of the Garden were grouped together. 

At the moment the experimental section of Medicinal Plants holds collections of ethnobotanic plants. The area is divided into three zones: The expository zone, the experimental field and the orchard. Annexed to the espository zone there are two tropical greenhouses, one hot and humid and the other hot and dry.

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