Area of the Pinophyta

This area brings together representatives of the four classes in which  naked seed plants are divided and that are actually living. The Cycadopsida class is represented by some examples of Cycas revoluta and others belonging to the Encephalartos, Dioon, Zamia, Macrozamia and Ceratozamia genus. As well as an example of Ginkgo biloba  and various species of the Ephedra genus, respectively belonging to the Ginkgoopsida and Gnetopsida classes, in this area there are also examples of species belonging to the Pinopsida.

Cycas revoluta, donata nel 1813 all'Orto da Maria Carolina Bonaparte moglie di Gioacchino Murat Ceratozamia mexicana

This last type form the largest class in the Pinophyta sector and are represented by various kinds amongst which are Agathis, Araucaria, Cedrus, Cryptomeria, Cunninghamia, Cupressus, Pinus, Podocarpus e Taxus. Also to be noted is the presence of Cupressus dupreziana, Pinus leucodermis and Abies nebrodensis, species that are threatened with extinction, not to mention the Metasequoia glyptostroboides and Wollemia nobilis, true living fossils, and the Sequoia sempervirens and Taxodium mucronatum.

Ginkgo biloba
Cunninghamia lanceolata

Encephalartos altensteiniiIndividuo femminile di Dioon eduleEncephalartos horridusEphedra fragilis

Taxus baccataAgathis robustaCedrus atlanticaTaxodium mucronatum  Abies nebrodensis
Podocarpus spinulosus
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