Orto Botanico di Napoli

Research Centre of the University of Naples Federico II

Via Foria 223 - 80139 Napoli - Tel.:0812533937 - fax: 081295351 - email: robnap@unina.it

The Plant Biology Division of the Department of Biological Science – University of Naples Federico II

The construction of the Botanical Garden began under the direction of Fridiano Cavara at a time when it was neccessary to update and give better premises to the lecture rooms, the library and the laboratories which had, until now been located in the castle building. They were found to be inadequate as regards to university requirements.

The new building was completed in 1936 when the director of the Garden was Biagio Longo. At present the lecture rooms, laboratories and prestigious collections of herbarium are located on the ground floor  while the magnificent library is located on the first floor.

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Contact: Prof. Aldo Moretti – Tel.+39 081 2538500 – email: aldo.moretti@unina.it

 Vegetal Biology Section of the Library  

Mon. Wed. Fri.  9.00am  to 1.00pm - Tues. Thurs.       9.00am  to 1.00pm   2.00pm to 5.00pm

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