Orto Botanico di Napoli

Research Centre of the University of Naples Federico II

Via Foria 223 - 80139 Napoli - Tel.:0812533937 - fax: 081295351 - email: robnap@unina.it

Mission of Naples Botanical Garden

The actual work done by the Botanical Garden is mainly research, teaching and the conservation of rare species or those at risk of extinction besides the cultivation and presentation  of museum collections and the organization of artistic and cultural exhibitions.


The research done by the Botanical Garden is principally the study of the macro and micromorphological characteristics of some groups of plants for example : cycadales  and  orchidaceae,  ethnobotanical researches in rural areas of central and southern Italy and the analysing  of vegetable fossils from geographical sites in the Campania region.

Furthermore it is clear that the collections of the Botanical Garden represent a reservoir of vegetal  substances used for studies purposes by researchers in the Plant Biology Section of the Department of Biological Science..