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Ethnobotanical section

In the ethnobotanical section there is a display of  manufactured articles of vegetal origin from the Amazon, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Phillipines Islands, Borneo, Sumatra and Vietnam and in the next time from Africa and India. The exposition of these objects is done in a way which emphasizes the relationship between some ethnic groups and the vegetal elements in their surrounding environment. 
In the show cases the vegetal species used to manufacture the objects are described  and also the way in which they are used domestically, agriculturally, for hunting and for curing. The material is divided according to subject matter i.e. dedicated to hunting, to fishing, to music, to the making of ornaments,  to agriculture, to domestic activities etc. The variety of ways in which some plants are used  are noted in each display case.
Every exhibit is accompanied by a label with its native name, a brief note about  its use as well as  the local and scientific name of the plants used for its fabrication. Together with  the objects and notes there are  (when available) exhibits of articles in various stages of manufacture and the raw materials used in their making eg. fibres, stems, trunks, barks, seeds, fruit etc.
Numerous illustrations  enable us to observe the plants in their natural habitat and in the different stages of their manufacture  (eg. cultivation, the intertwining of fibres, weaving). Other photographs show phases of use in daily life such as ritual curing, the preparation of vegetal and food poisons . Wooden panels and posters illustrate things of a wider interest  for example the useful palms, the extraction of sago, wild edible plants, medicinal plants, guarana and the use of  Dipterocarpaceae.

Weaving traditions fron Island Southeast Asia: Historical context and Ethnobotanical Knowledge - PdF, 262 kB

"Baskets of the world" the social significance of plaited crafts - Pdf 2,3 Mb

The Southeast Asia Collection at the Paleo-Ethnobotanical Museum of the Botanical Garden, Naples – Italy

Burkina Faso, by shangri-La
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Thanks for personnal communication to: Marco Billi (Burkina Faso), Domenico Carotenuto (Perù), Douglas C. Daly (Amazzonia), Michele Fucci (Venezuela), Carlo Napolitano (Cile), Edoardo Pinto (Costarica), Giuseppe scala (India), Basil Stergios (Venezuela), Dennis W. Stevenson (Amazzonia), Gioacchino Vallariello (Messico), Mario Vazquez Torres (Messico), Andrew P. Vovides (Venezuela).

A special thanks to Dario Novellino (Filippine, Borneo, Sumatra, Vietnam, Colombia , Perù), associated reseaecher of Anthropology Department of Kent university, Canterbury, for contributing in collection data fields, scientific news and ethonbotanical finds.